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Pioneering Innovative High-Performance Plastic Solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow

Our purpose

To shape a better world, transforming the plastics industry to improve people’s lives and contribute to environmental stewardship.

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Discover how our sustainable plastic materials can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your applications by up to 90% compared to conventional virgin polymers


Recycled & Recyclable Polyolefins

CICLIC® is our high-quality line of recycled and recyclable polyolefins, sourced from pre-consumer and post-consumer (PCR) waste. CICLIC® recycled plastic materials bring sustainability and performance together, eliminating the need for trade-offs between sustainability and enhanced performance.

  • Two decades of Recycling Expertise
  • CO₂ saving up to 90%*
  • rPP, rLDPE, rLLPE, rHDPE
  • Agile go-to-market developments
  • Highest consistent quality for demanding applications
  • Robust long-term material sources
  • Certifications
  • Custom-made products
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Sustainable Mineral Masterbatch

GRANIC® stands as our high-performance sustainable mineral masterbatch line, elevating performance levels and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 50%*. Its premium pellets combine mineral concentrates like calcium carbonate (CaCO3), talc, or silica with high-quality carrier resins, including PE, PP, and recycled plastic resins such as CICLIC®. The addition of GRANIC® masterbatch can account for up to 70% of the final plastic content, resulting in a reduction in polymers’ content while improving the mechanical properties.

  • Certified Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • CO2 savings up to 50%*
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Customized solutions for your needs
  • Cradle to Gate LCA Calculation
  • Food Contact Approved
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Your Partner for Sustainable Plastic Solutions

Leading production capacity in Europe
  • 425,000 mT/y of compounds
  • 100,000 mT/y pre-consumer & post-consumer
  • 20+ years experience
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Quality Obsession
  • Aligned with ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards
  • Quality consistency through rigorous performance monitoring
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Fully certified sustainable product portfolio
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Innovation Hub
  • Industrial Scale Pilot Plant
  • Agile go-to-market solutions
  • Co-creation space to facilitate collaborative innovation
  • Dedicated R&D center
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Reliable consistent supply
  • Robust long-term material sources
  • Installed production capacity
  • Monitoring traceability
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End markets
  • Focused resources
  • Specialized know-how
  • Success stories
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Customization Capabilities
  • Expert Techinical Advisors
  • Material Science in new formulations
  • Cutting-edge equipment
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Our approach

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Consciously brave

We dare to explore new solutions

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Reliable Partners

Partnership approach across the value chain. We are fostering long-term solutions.

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Customer centric

Your success is our principle. We are not happy until you are.

Partnering across the value chain

The ever-evolving landscape of the global plastic industry is being shaped by rapid change, impacting consumer needs, sustainability requirements, and the continuing demand for traceability and supply along the value chain. Our partners, whether they’re brand owners or plastic processors, must embrace this evolution and seek a partner like GCR who understands the bigger picture and can tackle their business challenges.

Brand Owners

Brand owners in the food packaging, household, automotive, industrial, sports, furniture, and other markets require partners who understand their industry challengues. Partners must provide sustainable and high-performance solutions for their products, tackle supply chain challenges, and ensure full traceability of raw materials.

Plastic Processors

Plastic processors face the challenges of both brand owners and raw material suppliers. They need a partner who ensures a continuous supply and supports process efficiency to optimize output while maintaining consistent quality. They need a raw material supplier who understands and connects the dots between their needs and those of brand owners

Raw Material Suppliers

Raw material suppliers must comprehend industry challenges, consumer trends, and regulations to provide innovative and sustainable material solutions across the entire value chain.

We are co-creators with a holistic vision

Our Innovation Hub is a dedicated co-creation space where we develop tailored solutions with precision, meeting your exact specifications.
Collaborative approach-we’re not happy until you are.

A global benchmark

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Founded in
La Bisbal del Penedés.
Tarragona, Spain
Production capacity
+500,000 mT/y
24 nationalities
International presence:
Europe, Asia, America & Africa
Production facilities
4 production plants
La Bisbal del Penedès, Barberà del Vallès, Castellet i La Gornal

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