Material Solutions


Delivering sustainable material science to improve the carbon footprint of your applications while maintaining the same performance expected from vigin plastic.


Giving a new life to plastics. Upcycling polyolefins

Ciclic is a high-quality recycled and recyclable polyolefins product line. Our range of environmentally friendly and premium plastic pellets of rPP, rHDPE, rLDPE, and rLLDPE result from upcycling waste to value-added materials keeping similar material properties as virgin plastic. Post-consumer or Post-industrial source capabilities.

Highest Consistent Quality for demanding, high-performance applications


Unmatched transparency

Meeting narrow specifications


Carbon Footprint certification is more than 80% lower than conventional virgin polymers
100% recyclable
Post-industrial or Post-consumer source capabilities

Advanced recycling technology enabling impurity-free materials


Certified by EUCERTPLAST

Full traceability of material sources

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Value streams in a circular economy

  • 20 years of recycling expertise
  • Material science
  • Reliable source streams
  • State of the art technology
  • Deep formulation know-how
  • Material properties + Chemical enhancement capabilities
  • Consistent supply
  • High-Quality standards + Material traceability
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Inspired by Nature. Mineral masterbatch

Granic is a mineral-based concentrate product line with high performance. CaCO3, talc, silica, or other specialized minerals are utilized in conjunction with high-quality carrier resin, primarily PE, PP, PS, or recycled resin from world-leading suppliers. The addition can account for up to 80% of the final plastic content, significantly lowering the polymers’ content while enhancing the final application’s mechanical properties.
Get to know our complete product range:

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Why Granic is best-in-class material:

Excellent material properties
  • Excellent uniformity thanks to our unique optimal dispersion technology
  • Improves mechanical properties by thoroughly selecting highly compatible materials enabling high-performance synergies.
  • Matte finishing
Processability efficiencies
  • Improves productivity through cycle time reduction thanks to higher thermoconductivity from minerals
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Allows automatic dosage and faster cleaning
  • WAC Water Absorption Capacity
  • Carbon Footprint reduction
  • LCA improvement of the final product
  • Food Contact Approved


The Bio Mineral Masterbatch

BioGranic is a mineral-based concentrate combined with biodegradable or bio-based resin. The minerals used are calcium carbonate, talc, silica, or other specialty minerals combined with high-quality carrier resin (mainly PBAT or PLA).

BioGranic is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly product line on the market. It improves the performance and processing of compostable bioplastics. BioGranic is compatible with all bio compostable carriers.

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The recycled based masterbatch

rGranic is a high-sustainable mineral-based concentrate product line combined with a recycled carrier resin, mainly PP and PE-based. The minerals used are CaCO3, talc, silica, or other specialty minerals.

rGranic formulation includes water absorption agents that match performance properties to virgin polymer carriers.

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