Sustainable Plastic Materials

Delivering sustainable plastic material science to improve the carbon footprint of your applications while maintaining the performance expected from virgin plastic.


Recycled & Recyclable Polyolefins

CICLIC® is our high-quality line of recycled and recyclable polyolefins, sourced from pre-consumer and post-consumer (PCR) waste. CICLIC® recycled plastic materials bring sustainability and performance together, eliminating the need for trade-offs between performance and enhanced sustainability.

  • Two decades of Recycling Expertise
  • CO₂ saving up to 90%*
  • rPP, rLDPE, rLLPE, rHDPE
  • Agile go-to-market developments
  • Highest consistent quality for demanding applications
  • Robust long-term material sources
  • Certifications
  • Custom-made products
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Sustainable Mineral Masterbatch

GRANIC® stands as our high-performance sustainable mineral masterbatch line, elevating performance levels and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 50%*. Its premium pellets combine mineral concentrates like calcium carbonate (CaCO3), talc, or silica with high-quality carrier resins, including PE, PP, PS, and recycled plastic resins such as CICLIC®. The addition of GRANIC® masterbatch can account for up to 70% of the final plastic content, resulting in a reduction in polymers’ content while improving the mechanical properties.

  • Certified Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • CO2 savings up to 50%*
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Customized solutions for your needs
  • Cradle to Gate LCA Calculation
  • Food Contact Approved
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Process Technology