Securing sustainable growth

Our actions, our environmental impact and social engagement define us

“We don’t change things only by intentions, it’s all about the actions”

  • We prioritize the purchase of raw materials in bulk to avoid over-packaging.
  • We recover plastic materials that are either already in circulation or come from the materials’ packaging we receive, turning them into raw material for Ciclic® products, thus achieving zero waste.
  • We work to make our packaging more sustainable by optimizing and reengineering it.
  • We calculate the carbon footprint of our products in accordance with the PAS 2050 Carbon Footprint Verification specifications.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

At GCR, we are committed to carbon footprint reduction through sustainable innovative practices and solutions.

100% green energy
sourced through a photovoltaic
system for self-supply

10 years 
as pioners in
carbon footprint calculation

Tonnes of CO2 Emissions
saved thanks to our products

We know that every step matters

Int Life-Cycle Assesment (LCA)

Conducting LCA “Cradle to Gate”

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