GRANIC® Sustainable Advanced Masterbatch

Unlock New levels of Performance and Embrace Sustainability

Experience up to 50% CO2 savings with GRANIC®

Our high-performance grades can significantly reduce polymer content by up to 70%, improving mechanical properties and maximizing overall performance. CO2 savings may vary based on the final application and the specific product used.


Ultrafine Mineral + PE or PP resin

GRANIC stands as a sustainable mineral masterbatch, delivering high-perfomance.

GRANIC product line combines ultrafine minerals like calcium carbonate (CaCO3), talc, or silica, with top-tier carrier resins polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) from leading suppliers. The addition of GRANIC can account for up to 70% of the final plastic content, resulting in a significant reduction of polymers while enhancing the mechanical properties of end applications.

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Ultrafine Mineral + Thermoplastic compostable resin

BIOGRANIC is our most environmentally friendly mineral masterbatch. Our eco-friendly product line includes grades that can be either biobased or biodegradable, with some grades offering both features, delivering enhanced performance and sustainability for compostable films.

BIOGRANIC line combines ultrafine minerals like calcium carbonate, talc, or silica, or other specialty minerals with a thermoplastic compostable resin, primarily PBAT or PLA, sourced from industry-leading suppliers.

BIOGRANIC not only enhances the performance and processing of compostable resins but is also compatible with all bio-compostable carriers.


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Ultrafine Mineral + Recycled plastic resin

RGRANIC sets the sustainability standard in mineral masterbatches by incorporating recycled carrier resins—primarily PP and PE-based or our high-quality recycled polyolefins, CICLIC . Using ultrafine minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc, or silica, RGRANIC formulations include water absorption agents that match the performance properties of virgin polymer carriers.

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