Silvana Maione

About me:
Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the art of blending ingredients to achieve unexpected results, a passion I’ve nurtured focusing my studies on materials and particularly on polymers. I’ve dedicated many years delving into research on conductive polymers for cell regeneration and as carriers for drug delivery. During this fruitful period, I had the opportunity to engage with companies interested in my research, finding great satisfaction in persuading them of the benefits of these discoveries. Since then, technical sales have been my primary focus, and to excel in this field, I complemented my expertise with business administration knowledge by pursuing an MBA in Barcelona.

My passion:
As a native of Naples, my greatest passion is pizza. Whether whipping it up at home or indulging with friends at a restaurant, I find immense joy in the culinary experience. I’m also drawn to the sea, as I’m addicted to all forms of water sports and adore pristine beaches wherever they may be found.

Career Highlights:
I thrive on working closely with clients and businesses of all kinds, finding fulfillment in understanding their needs and doing everything within my power to offer optimal and cost-effective solutions. It’s second nature for me to roll up my sleeves, slip on my safety shoes, and wear my helmet to observe manufacturing processes firsthand.

What do you like most about working at GCR?:
GCR feels like one big family, providing me with the opportunity to delve into the world of industrial plastics and develop innovative projects with significant environmental sustainability impacts. I’m energized by the opportunity to share my ideas and expertise in pursuit of our common goal: providing the best possible experience to our customers. The camaraderie and shared values among my colleagues are truly rewarding.

My Challenge at GCR
Among the various missions I undertake, my primary challenge at GCR is ensuring that every customer interaction with us is memorable. This requires meticulous planning and synchronization of key actions valued by our clients. Therefore, my focus lies in listening attentively, understanding deeply, and refining our approach based on our partners’ needs. With this insight, we aim to be proactive in addressing any situation or request, ensuring seamless service delivery.