Alan Roig

About me:
I’ve been with GCR for a solid decade now, marking it as the company where I’ve clocked the most hours. I hold a degree in Business Sciences and Business Administration and Management. During my academic journey, I embarked on an enriching Erasmus experience in France that polished my language skills in English, French, Spanish, and Catalan.

I’ve also pursued further education, earning a master’s in education and completing a Sales Management program. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and refine my skills in line with my interests.

Professionally, I’ve embraced diverse roles across various sectors. This diverse experience has helped me shape a coherent career path over the years. On a personal note, I used to play semi-professional football in my younger days. Nowadays, you’ll find me out on the water sailing or hitting the slopes for skiing and mountaineering adventures.

I’m also quite involved in the social scene here in Tarragona, my hometown. I’m passionate about local traditions like the Ball de Diables Tarragona and I’m a proud member of Nàstic de Tarragona. I also love to chip in during the Santa Tecla festivities whenever I can.

My passion:
I find genuine joy in striking a balance between sports, culture, and leisure, whether in Tarragona or while traveling, always infusing passion into everything I do as someone who’s constantly seeking new experiences, I enjoy a wide range of activities within these realms.

Professional Highlights:
My journey through various roles and responsibilities across different companies has revealed that Sales, particularly when approached with the utmost professionalism, is where I thrive and can leverage my strengths to continue growing.

From banking to a French multinational in sports post-Erasmus, and later transitioning to roles in Finance in Barcelona, I’ve realized my affinity lies in the industrial sector.

What do you like most about working at GCR?
On a personal level, what keeps me motivated, besides the company’s projects and values, is the opportunity to grow alongside a professional team I greatly admire. The bonds forged over years and the infusion of fresh perspectives from new hires energize me.

Professionally, having undertaken various roles within the Sales department, the chance for growth within a rapidly expanding company, where project cross-pollination offers a broad view and understanding of an industry centered on sustainability, excites me.

My Challenge at GCR
My challenge is to refine my management skills, prioritize effectively, foster teamwork, and navigate uncertain environments to unlock my full potential. With the ongoing evolution of our project, which has already seen significant progress, I anticipate further growth opportunities.