Josep Maria Barberà

About me:
I come from a background in Industrial Engineering. As I wrapped up my degree, I found myself captivated by the intricacies of the business world and its broader implications. I wanted to understand how the improvements I made as an engineer translated into tangible business impacts. This curiosity led me to pursue a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Management, offering me a more comprehensive understanding of the various facets of business where my engineering background could make a difference.

One of my greatest joys is traveling and uncovering new destinations, especially those nestled amidst the mountains. Gastronomy is another passion of mine; I love experimenting with new flavors and culinary combinations. For me, food is not just sustenance but a gateway to intriguing experiences. Additionally, I thrive on sports, whether engaging in them solo or enjoying team activities with good company.

Career Highlights:
Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to hands-on environments where manufacturing processes unfold right before my eyes. I find immense satisfaction in immersing myself in these processes, understanding their intricacies, and continually striving to enhance them. As a result, my career has become intricately linked with continuous improvement methodologies and Lean Manufacturing principles. These frameworks have instilled in me a relentless pursuit of refinement in every process and a penchant for challenging the status quo with fresh perspectives. Ultimately, my day-to-day motivation stems from the incremental progress made, fostering a cycle of planning, execution, measurement, and adjustment, recognizing that the initial improvement proposal may not always be perfect.

What you like most about working at GCR:
GCR offers an incredibly dynamic environment that fosters continuous learning, thanks to the talented individuals comprising our team. The remarkable growth trajectory of the company presents exciting new challenges, propelling personal and professional growth in tandem. I find myself deeply aligned with the company’s values and vision, contributing to a sense of ownership and motivation within the project.

My challenge at GCR:
My foremost personal and professional endeavor at GCR revolves around fostering scalability in our processes, alongside the entire team, and creating avenues for individual growth. By nurturing each team member’s development, we aspire to cultivate an exceptional collective, thereby fueling sustainable company growth.