Flexible Packaging

High-Performance Sustainable Plastic Materials for Flexible Packaging

Understanding Flexible Packaging Challenges

At GCR, we’re dedicated to tackling the challenges of flexible packaging. Our mission is to offer plastic solutions that enhance sustainability without sacrificing performance. We prioritize various aspects, such as superior durability, optimized barrier properties, hermetic sealing, enhanced printability, and streamlined processability. Our strong emphasis on ecodesign aims to increase recyclability and reduce your carbon footprint.

Int Performance Challenges

  • Effective barrier properties
  • Meeting food safety regulations
  • Low energy consumption
  • Smooth processability
  • High-quality printing

Int Recycling Challenges

  • Consistent performance
  • Match or surpass the performance of prime POs
  • Seeking narrow specifications
  • SOIs under control
  • Material compatibilisation
  • Reliable feedstock sources PIR & PCR

Int Sustainable Solutions

  • Reduce: material downgauging
  • Reuse: reused or repurposed
  • Recycle: monomaterials
  • Recycled Content: high-quality PCR resins.
  • Renewable Materials: recycled & biobased.
  • EOL: designed for recyclability or biodegradation

Meeting Performance and Sustainability for Flexible Plastic Packaging Solutions

GCR is your partner in meeting the perfect balance of performance and sustainability with our flexible plastic packaging solutions. From consumer film to agricultural packaging, we specialize in developing sustainable packaging solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Whether you’re in the early stages of development or require solutions for an existing project, our Innovation Hub can develop tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and specifications.

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Enabling Customers to quickly bring sustainable flexible packaging solutions to market

Finding packaging solutions that can meet the required properties and performance is key to reducing the environmental impact of flexible packaging.

Int Product Portfolio

Recycled Polyolefins

Sustainable Advanced Masterbatch

Recycled-Based Masterbatch

Bio Mineral Masterbatch

Customization possibilities

Int Innovation Hub

Driving the Circular Economy

  • Understanding PCR Upcycling
  • Designing for recyclability
  • Assessing Recyclability

Enhancing Performance and Sustainability

  • Innovative Compatibiliser Technology
  • Neatly Blending & Odourless Technology
  • Lightweight Solutions
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint and LCA assessment

Int Service Levels

Meeting Packaging Requirements

  • Rigorous Quality Controls
  • Technical Service
  • Monitoring Material Traceability
  • Certifications
  • Cradle to Gate LCA Calculation

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