GCR‘s Innovation Hub Invests in Collin Pilot Line Cutting-edge Technology for its Pilot Plant

We understand our customers’ challenges when working on new developments or simply formula changes. Feasibility, time, cost, scaling factors, unpredicted results, and process refinement, are key to properly designing and implementing a full-scale commercial process. Bringing a lab-scale process directly to a commercial plant puts you and your investors at risk. The point is having a pilot plant that gives you flexible options for bringing your product to market quickly and safely. That is exactly why GCR Innovation Hub, a specialized R&D facility for creating solutions that minimize environmental impact while fulfilling stringent requirements, invested in Collin’s pilot solution.

COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solution provided a versatile, modular, quick-change device for blown and cast film that could be expanded to include additional layers. The COLLIN line offers 800 mm width, an outlet speed of 100 m/min, and maximum throughput of 350 kg/h. It is equipped with a 5-layer co-extrusion, 20 components, cast and blow capacity and MDO stretching unit. It can handle a variety of materials, from recycled polyolefins to mineral concentrates of any kind.

Thanks to the combination of COLLIN’s pilot plant equipment and GCR’s know-how, the Innovation Hub is ready to offer the development of new formulations, pilot plant trials, testing, and up-scaling to production providing customisation capabilities for applications of both CICLIC R-polyolefins and GRANIC mineral masterbatch ranges.

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